Bộ đèn LED máng
Bộ đèn LED máng
Succinct design and compact structure designed to be a direct replacement for conventional battens with energy savings.
GreenAid LED Batten offers multiple installation methods to ease your worries and to bring customer a brand new experience
of soft lighting.

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Ứng dụng
Indoor Lighting: Supermarkets, underground garage, home and display occasions.
Cove Lighting: Eliminate dark areas by joining end to end.
Thông số
• Ambient temperature: -20˚C - 40˚C
• Multiple installation methods: wall mount, seamless connection & extend cable connection
• Modern shape is suitable for A level office decoration
• Conform to CE&CB standard
• Max 8pcs interconnected for 4 feet
  Max 10pcs interconnected for 2 feet
• Healthy - UV - free & IR - free
• Long life - Lifetime up to 40,000hrs
• High color rendering - CRI>80
• High efficiency: lumen per watt up to 89 lm/w
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